When assembling a writing plan for an essay which of the following should come

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The Enormous Crocodile Group Project

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User: When assembling a writing plan for an essay, which of the following should come first? A. The first section of the body of your essay. B. Material that catches the reader's interest C.

A brief summary of your conclusion D. The general idea of your essay. Hot Poop · You can buy specially priced tickets for Zappanale #30 here or make a fun video and get them for free! [Added: 18 November ] · Zappa Spielt Für Bach (the pre-Zappanale Hamburg church gig from July, featuring Inventionis Mater, Magnesium girl Valentina Ciardelli and Napoleon Murphy Brock) is now on Spotify.

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When assembling a writing plan for an essay which of the following should come
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