How to write articles for christian magazines

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17 Paying Christian Markets for Writers By Laura Yeager

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17 Paying Christian Markets for Writers By Laura Yeager

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As part of Charisma Media, Charisma magazine aims to empower believers for life in the Spirit. To passionate, Spirit-filled Christians, Charisma is the leading charismatic media source that. Are you a Christian woman looking for a place to submit your writing?

Below you'll find twenty different sites that are open to receiving your submissions. Beyond Your Blog Just Between Us Magazine “is a quarterly magazine especially for encouraging and equipping women for a life of faith and who want to go deeper in their love and.

Once you’ve agreed on a deadline, then it’s time to start writing. The hardest part is done. Now, all you have to do is write the article. And next time, you probably won’t have to go through this process.

The more you do this sort of thing, the easier it gets, especially as magazines and editors begin to. Like writing for all markets, when writing for a particular Christian magazine, be sure to read the periodical before stepping out to write for it.

Below are some Christian venues, brief descriptions of the magazines and/or what they’re looking for, links to their writer’s guidelines pages and information about what each pays (when provided).

Touchstone is a Christian journal that publishes articles with a professional, polished voice that speak to Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox readers. They accept freelance submissions for their Features, Views, and Communiqués departments.

If you are interested in writing for RELEVANT magazine or, you’ve come to the right place. RELEVANT covers faith, culture and intentional living. Our readership is culturally savvy, mainly Christian 20 and 30somethings who are looking for purpose, depth and spiritual truth.

How to write articles for christian magazines
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17 Paying Christian Markets for Writers By Laura Yeager |