How to write a wikipedia page for a business

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Wikipedia:Your first article

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If you focus what you are contributing is in the coordinator domain, say where you got it, either in the other or on the discussion page, and on the phenomenon page give the reason why you do it is in the overarching domain e. Wikipedia also lacks security and privacy features which are usually necessary for organizational or corporate work.

Content on Wikipedia falls under the CC-By-SA, so an organization would give up any ownership of employee contributions. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, rather than a general-purpose organizational or corporate information.

A Wikipedia page can rank well in search results alongside your site and your other branded properties. As such, a Wikipedia page can be a nice way to influence more of the search results than you would have without the page.

Wikipedia pages may help with brand awareness.

Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is a top website and receives billions of page views each. Wikipedia Page Writing Services: Have you ever tried to write a Wikipedia article only to watch it be deleted within minutes?

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A company that professionally researches. No. Wikipedia is not a place for you to post promotional material for your services, products or to promote any other cause. While a list of the notable services your organization provides might be appropriate, such a list should only include those that are a part of the primary mission and are necessary to adequately describe the iserxii.comg started: Wikipedia intro, Wikipedia tutorial, The Wikipedia Adventure, Manual of Style intro, Graphics tutorials, Picture tutorial (Uploading intro), IRC (live chat) tutorial, Navigating intro, Policies intro, Referencing intro, Tables intro, Talk pages intro, VisualEditor user guide.

Sure, anyone can create a Wikipedia page, but if you (or anyone, for that matter) make a page for a business that doesn’t belong, moderators/administrators will remove it. As the site’s Help pages indicate, Wikipedia is not a directory.

How to write a wikipedia page for a business
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