How to write a parenthetical citation for a website with no author

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Parenthetical citations

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How to Make a Parenthetical Reference to a Website

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MLA citation format is a method for formatting your paper and The parenthetical citation corresponds to a source listed on your works cited page. You must cite the source within you must acknowledge the original author no matter how much of the source you use or how often you use it.

When you quote from a source, be sure to put. If you are quoting from a Web page, your citation for a parenthetical reference follows the same format as any regular citations for author, editor, title, etc. with one exception. Where no page reference is available on a Web page, indicate the author’s last name, or the short title if no author is stated, without any page reference, e.g.

Website with no author and no date. Proper Bibliographic Reference Format: There must be a total match between the reference list and the parenthetical citation, so the article title must stand in place of an author’s name in the essay.

“United Arab Emirates Architecture” (n.d.) describes building materials used in early settlements. Quite often, the two terms, in-text citation and parenthetical citation, are used interchangeably.

While similar, there are slight differences. An MLA in-text citation is when the author’s name is used in the text of the sentence. Include a page, paragraph or section number if the web page includes them; otherwise, leave them off: Incidents increased threefold over the month (Stannis par.

3). Sites with No Author. For sites with no author, use the title of the page in quotation marks instead.

How to write a parenthetical citation for a website with no author
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